Messiah in Green

Book 1: The Garden Prison

The days were humid and overcast, stretching back in an unchanging line since before the memories of even the land's oldest inhabitants. From castles and mansions of unparalleled beauty and decadence, a ruling class of demigods watches over their garden kingdom. Below, the masses toil, fight and die, either fanatically devoted or oppressed into cowed subservience to their masters above. Along the borders of these lands, inhuman nightmares prey on the weak and unlucky, constantly testing the strengths and limits of civilization, another wall of the eternal garden prison.

Alexandria Delacroix, a woman without direction taken in by a family not of blood, but of care and devotion. A family with a colourful and enigmatic history, semi-mythological ancestors who spoke to gods and angels, traveling to a distant garden paradise. Alex's flat-mates are now outcasts from the more traditional roots of the family, trying to find a balance between their archaic and eccentric heritage, and surviving in a modern-day urban jungle.

The lines between religious mythology and reality are suddenly and violently blurred as Alex is taken from her home in Chicago by agents in the employ of a powerful corporation with a strange interest in her family. Now a royal prisoner in a world that appears to be a twisted reflection of the biblical garden of Eden, Alex's only hope is to return home to her family, to warn them of the things that hunt them and the horrifying truths behind their ancestral stories.

A story of love and desperation. A novel of eroticism and horror. A twisted epic of fantastic realms, brutal reality and the characters that live, breath, fight, love, and die within.

Part 1: Revelation

Seemingly crushed by the banality of simply trying to live productively in mundane society, Alex turns towards the strangeness that clusters around her flat-mates for release, desperate to validate her longings for anything beyond what she sees as a depressingly shallow society. Much to her dismay, she finds what she's looking for, and discovers it's not quite what she expected.

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Chapter 3
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Chapter 5

Part 2: Chrysalis

Alex finds herself either banished to a world beyond the edges of reality as she knows it, or confined in the depths of an hallucinatory fantasy created by her own traumatized mind. Either way, she must accept it and try to strike the balance between conforming to the rules of her new reality and remembering who she once was if she's to stand any chance of escaping this strange garden prison.

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Chapter 16

Part 3: Transcendence

The seeming eternity that awaits her in the garden prison is not wholly inevitable. Alex finally discovers what may be a way out, a door back home, but is she capable of making the journey there in one piece, physically or mentally?

Chapter 17
Chapter 18
Chapter 19
Chapter 20

Book 2: Denizens of Steel

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